On this Day 82 years ago…

On March 8, Morenz began complaining of chest pains, which doctors attributed to a heart attack. Mary Morenz and Cecil Hart were called to the hospital; around 11:30 pm, Morenz tried to get out of bed to use the washroom but collapsed on the floor and died from a coronary embolism caused by blood clots from his damaged leg, minutes before his wife and coach arrived. He was 34

On this day 28 Jan…82 years ago

“The Canadiens returned to the Forum to take on the Black Hawks on Jan. 28, 1937. Early in the game, Morenz skated hard into the Chicago zone, the Blackhawks’ Earl Siebert in pursuit. Morenz lost his footing and caught his skate blade in the boards, and Siebert had no time to react. He slammed into Morenz, an unintentional but brutal collision that shattered Morenz’s leg in four places. The suddenly hushed crowd watched as Morenz was carried off and rushed to Montreal’s Hopital Saint-Luc. Doctors stabilized the leg with pins and put Morenz in traction, and though his leg began to heal, Morenz knew his career was over.”

On this day 81 years ago

Memorial game

Held at the Montreal Forum on November 2, 1937, the Howie Morenz Memorial Game pitted a combined team of players from both the Montreal Canadiens and the Montreal Maroons against an all-star team made up of the top players from the league’s remaining six teams. Canadiens’ coach Cecil Hart occupied the same role for the Montreal All-Stars, while his Maroons counterpart, King Clancy, donned his skates for the game and played as a member of the team. It was the last time Clancy appeared on the ice as a player. Morenz’ former linemates, Aurel Joliat and Johnny Gagnon played together, while Lionel Conacher, who had retired to enter Canadian politics after the 1937 season, also returned to play for the NHL All-Stars. Wilf Cude, of the Canadiens, played goal for the Montreal All-Stars, and was opposed in the NHL All-Stars net by Tiny Thompson, goaltender of the Boston Bruins.

The loudest cheers during the pre-game ceremonies was for Howie Morenz Jr., who skated with both teams during the warm up, taking shots on both goaltenders. Additionally, the league presented the trophies to its award winners for the 1936–37 season.

81 years ago today—

A funeral was held on March 11, at the Montreal Forum, the arena where the Canadiens played. Fans were allowed to file past the casket, laid at center ice, and 50,000 people paid their respects.  A rotating guard of honour of four Canadiens stood around the casket which was covered in flowers including a large wreath from Aurèle Joliat that was shaped like the number 7, Morenz’s number, and a note from Morenz’s three children. The entire service was broadcast on the radio, and after its conclusion he was buried in Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal.


1937 Funeral of Howie Morenz